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Mergers and Acquisitions is now a truly global activity with Chinese players both large and small playing an increasingly important role. From our base in China, Asia Direct has been at the forefront of this phenomenon and has taken a leadership role in several of the most prominent Sino-Israeli deals of the past several years. Our success lies in our devotion to understanding the key differences across regional business cultures—priorities, returns hurdle, financing practice — and bridging these gaps in a way that benefits all parties, especially our clients.

We work with our clients and partners to assess, organize and market their capital needs across public and private debt, equity and hybrid instruments. Rather than lead with a highly inflexible set of products, we approach our clients’ needs with fresh eyes each time, ensuring that our approach takes into account the full global range of financial innovation, capital sources and regional preferences. In covering a far broader range of possibilities, we are able to work with our clients to pursue a strategy that yields the best results for them.

In a global environment that is growing ever more complex, there are many situations that simply defy categorization. As a team that prides itself on its intellectual rigor, Asia Direct thrives in these scenarios. We have worked with our clients to provide robust solutions to these special commercial demands that range from full cooperation to strategic partners to distressed situations. In every case we bring our clients the broadest customized solution set and a mindset that the success of our client is absolutely critical.

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