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Both newly formed and existing funds benefit from our ability to work internationally from our Chinese base to connect them with high-quality capital pools. The global vision that is an essential part of Asia Direct allows us to work cross-regionally in a highly targeted, customized fashion that takes into account the dynamics that emerge as cultures come together in a shared endeavor.

Whether a fund is newly created, a new vintage of an existing fund or an extension of a larger fund family, Asia Direct works with our fund clients to bring a highly novel global perspective to the formation process. In the current global fund environment, an understanding of the ways in which deals and capital flows across borders and around regions is essential to positioning a fund for success.

Asia Direct global team is able to help general partners achieve liquidity events at both fund and, in conjunction with the investment banking team, portfolio company levels. This allows our clients to actively manage the composition of their investor base and to drive investment performance. Fund managers also benefit from access to the high quality deal flow originated by our investment and merchant banking activities.

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